AITF is a dynamic training facility providing the highest quality artisan skills development with continuous training and education with the artisan training facility sphere.

Through our quality training, AITF is committed to contributing to the personal economical empowerment of all Southern African trade learners on an equal opportunity basis within a physical and professional environment conductive to learner support and training. We empower to respect the needs, differences and individuality of all learners.


AITF wants to be the leader in trade and skill development in Southern Africa, providing to the semi skilled and skilled artisan demands of the private and public sector.  It is the vision of AITF to provide high quality, accredited training to empower people to be economically self-sufficient,  thereby contributing to the economical growth of the Southern hemisphere.

Development Strategy

AITF is focused on courses structured to effectively and efficiently train or enhance individual skills to provide to the skills shortage experienced by companies.

Part of our management strategical development plan is to introduce a gas training academy in 2009 and to develop a joint venture with Australian based companies to ensure dual compliance with minimum standards and requirements.

Course Accreditation:

We put high priority in ensuring that the relevant accreditation’s are met and maintained.  This course has been designed to provide the student with the industry relevant certifications, recognized by industry for maximum employability.

We are registered with the following bodies:

  • Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA)
  • Manufacture, Engineering and Related Services Seta (MERSETA)
  • Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA)
  • Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA)
  • Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB)
  • Registered Solar Geyser Training Facility

Brief Background

The Founder of the company personally experienced a need for professional and decent training facilities when he was in the process of qualifying for his trade.  Looking for training, focused on providing professional, skilled and effective courses to develop or enhance existing skills in people, he experienced a total disregard for humane and decent facilities.

Therefore he set out to develop a training facility that complies with all these requirements and most of all respects the human need for decent, professional and respectable physical environment and top equipment supporting to class artisan and skills training.

In order to ensure best possible quality training, AITF utilizes the best equipment and employs experienced, accredited instructors, resulting in high-quality training and development of human resources.

Our main objective is to provide a professional and learner-focused orientated service training the unemployed and employed from low to high skilled in accordance with SAQA standards, thus providing the national labour market with the requisite skills trained individuals.

AITF Training Model

The company provides hands- on, professional and practical artisan skills training. For this reason the campus was constructed and build as a virtual workplace environment, where learners not only learn theory but practically learn, apply, practice and demonstrate their newly acquired skills. This is experiential training at its best with the unique AITF learning model.

The simulated real life scenarios, cubicles and problem solving areas in respect of all the learning areas were created specifically to provide the students with an opportunity to apply their skills and acquired problem solving abilities in the specific learning areas in a secure and safe simulated workplace arena.

This exponentially increase their self-confidence to easily apply their skills in the real workplace environment with real stress and other factors playing a part in the individual’s ability to perform sufficiently. At AITF the learners get exposed to real workplace problems in a controlled, safe arena through which they continuously learn before entering the workplace.

The success of the AITF training model has been proven. The student and employer’s feedback and the training- to- job turnaround statistics clearly illustrates this.

Many of the unemployed “graduate” learners get employed within one to two days from finishing their training at the AITF training facility. In illustration thereof learners from a Retrenched assistance programme trained at AITF and have now been re-employed by their previous employers.

As a result of the standard of training provided to the retrenched workers through the AITF training model, the current employees are earmarked for training at AITF to also upgrade their skills.