What do Electricians Do?

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical power, communications, lighting and control systems in homes, businesses and factories.

Electricians read blueprints, which include technical diagrams of electrical systems that show the location of circuits, outlets, and other equipment.  They use different types of hand and power tools, such as conduit benders to run and protect wiring.  Other commonly used hand and power tools include screwdrivers, wire strippers, drills and saws.  While troubleshooting, electricians also may use ammeters, voltmeters, thermal scanners, and cable testers to find problems and ensure that components are working properly.

Minimum Requirements?

Grade 9

Career Opportunities:

You might want to branch out into different specialisms within the industry, such as data communications or electronics systems,  or you might want to consider your options in areas such as nuclear power, offshore energy generation or electrical distribution.  If you’d like to run your own business one day – that’s possible too!  Many of the company owners and managing directors you’ll see across the electrical industry today started out as an apprentice.