Welding Trade Test

This course is for the welder with experience that would like to write his trade test. This will ensure you are prepared before writing the test by practically testing all aspects and identifying the gaps.

Course Content:

Cut, Gouge and Gas weld ferrous materials (10%)

Weld Ferrous materials including stainless steel.  Using shielded metal arc welding (30%)

Weld Ferrous and non-Ferrous materials using gas metal arc welding process (30%)

Weld Ferrous and non-Ferrous materials using the gas tungsten arc welding process (30%)

Type of Course:

This is a practical course and the modules will be done in a fully equipped workshop.

Cost of this Course:

R15 000.00

Price Includes:

• Lunch

• Learning material

• Facilitation

• SETA Learner uploading

• SETA Learner registration

• Internal assessment

• Internal moderation

• Internal Certification

Course Duration:

This is a full time course: 20 working days (4 Weeks)

Monday – Friday

Time: 09:00 – 16:00 Everyday

Admission Requirements:

Full Welding qualification with practical experience.


N1 and N2 with 3 years practical experience


3 years of experience in the field with no formal qualification

Recognition of prior learning

If what you have learned at work, from other programs, courses, from life experience or training provided at work is relevant to this program, you may be entitled to gain subject credits or exemptions.  A RPL (Recognition of prior learning) process is available for recognition and assessment of your skills. Relevant credits will be passed.


On completion of this course the student will earn the following:

• Certificate of Completion