What do Welders Do?

A welder fabricates and puts together metal parts.  They do this through the use of various machines that create intense heat,  they also smooth and polish the metal surfaces once welded together.  Welders must have the ability to study blueprints or project specifications in addition to calculating the dimensions of the parts to be welded.  Welders also inspect materials or structures that need welding,  monitor the process of welding as a caution for overheating and maintain welding machinery and equipment they work with.

A good welder usually has the ability to remain very detail focused at all times.  They should also be very familiar with the latest welding tools and methods.  In addition,  it’s helpful to have a vast amount of knowledge of different welding design techniques and equipment preferences.  Welding also requires someone with a confident building and construction ability to ensure effective repair and equipment maintenance.  A person with excellent construction skills ususlally has a very logical mind and excels in problem-solving situations.  A well-rounded mathematics understanding is a valuable trait for welders to have – it isn’t necessarily a requirement for a job,  but is attractive to employers looking hire a welder to perform many different tasks on the job site.

Others Courses to take note of: • Boilermaking  • Cutting Torch Skills  • Plasma Cutting Skills

Minimum Requirements?

Grade 9

Career Opportunities:

There are many industries where employment is possible, to name a few:  The motor manufacturing industry, electricity supply industry, explosives and allied industries, metal industry, railway undertakings, heavy and light engineering industries, gate and fence industry and of course self-employment with enough experience.